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Self Introduction

Who the heck am I and why do I want to help you?!

Well, let me start off by introducing myself! I’m Danielle and wellness is my passion. My passion started in high school as a track and cross-country runner. I had 2 amazing coaches that inspired me to dig deeper into knowledge about exercise and wellness. From there I went to IUPUI to earn a Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology. That was only the beginning.

Once I created that foundation of knowledge my passion only grew stronger, I pushed myself outside of my comfort zone trying new things: such as running an 11-mile Tough Mudder, competing at USPA Nationals (powerlifting), to taking 22nd in a worldwide Strongman Competition. Throughout the 10 years I did all those things, I saw what the human body is capable of and continued to study it. I obtained certifications as a personal trainer, wellness coach, nutrition coach and a few others that only continued to fuel that fire of ‘exercise and wellness expert!’

I have goals just like anyone would, both personal and professional. Sometimes for me those lines intermingle because this isn’t just a job for me, this is my life! Personally, I want to get stronger, faster, perform better at competitions, and improve overall holistic wellness. In my professional life, I want to create an all-encompassing plan that will allow each individual working with me to have a better quality of life, to reach the goals they set out for themselves, and empower them to continue that lifestyle long after we’ve worked together.

My favorite moments when coaching others is seeing them slowly realize what they’re truly capable of. They see that they CAN achieve the goals they set out for, that they’re even easier than imaginable when working towards them the right way, and then the final lightbulb moment when they can do it on their own!

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